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Our app provides America's hard-working individuals with an easy-to-use way to find better paying work based on your qualifications.

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What People Say About LABER



Millwood, NY

I really don't have time to browse employment sites. I like the fact this this app does the work for me. I like to know what other companies are paying for my position in case I need to make a move.


Drywall Technician

Garden City South, NY

Good service overall. It's been helping me find more work, and really like that it's free for me.



Brooklyn, NY

When the season slows down I like using the app to find side-work. Pretty easy to use. 


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No resume needed. We help you craft the perfect virtual resume to put your best foot forward in the industry 24/7. 

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You are immediately notified on your phone when employers post relevant opportunities in your area. Then open the app to easily view the job role, location and pay. 

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You are only visible to an employer when you accept an opportunity request. 

Show Off Your Work Photos

The quality of your work defines your reputation. LABER’s easy photo showcase allows you to quickly upload photos of your work to prove you've got the skills.

Fast Messaging with Employers

Easily communicate to a connected employer via direct message or video call in the app.

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