DOB NOW Updates - LAA - June 15th

The following is an update from the DOB NOW. Visit the DOB NOW: Build LAA Resources page for more information or submit an inquiry at

Post Until August 31th 2020

Electronic Submission of Civil Penalty Waivers (L2) L2: Requests for Overrides, Reductions or Waivers of Civil Penalties for Work Without a Permit for LAA jobs can no longer be submitted using the DOB NOW help form. LAA filings created on or after June 15 will complete the L2 form as part of the application. A scanned copy of the paper L2 form should not be uploaded.

If a building has a Work Without Permit violation, the LAA applicant will automatically receive a notification upon clicking the File button. Applicants will be prompted to select Request L2 from the Filing Action column on their DOB NOW dashboard. This will create a new tab on the LAA application where all the information that had previously been provided on the L2 paper form will now be entered. Depending on the L2 request code selected, the system will automatically require upload of supporting documents.

The LAA L2 can be requested and submitted by LAA licensees as well as building owners if their information had been entered on the LAA prior to clicking the File button. After DOB completes the review of the L2, an email will be sent stating whether the L2 has been approved and the LAA can be filed or the L2 has been rejected and a new L2 must be submitted.

Additional Changes to DOB NOW: Build LAA job filings The changes described below have been made to the LAA work type and primarily affect the Scope of Work and Fee sections. All changes are applicable to new LAA job filings that are created on or after June 15 or were still in Pre-Filing status on June 12. Changes will also apply to PAAs that are in Pre-filing or Objections statuses if the specific fields are editable on the PAA. ______________________________________________ Category: Asbestos Abatement Compliance CAI and Control Number

Description: CAI and Control # will now only be required once per job filing. The system will no longer request the ACP 5 Certification Number and Asbestos Control Number for each appliance separately.


Category: Category of Work Change - new installation of water meter

Description: New installation of Water Meter (sub meter) must now be filed as Category 1.


Category: Category of Work Change - rearrange/remove sprinkler heads

Description: Rearrange/remove sprinkler heads off the domestic will be added to Category 1 item types and will now only be allowed to be filed in Category 1 ______________________________________________

Category: Addition of Item Type - Commercial sink

Description: A new item type in the Water work type has been added to allow applicants to perform work on a commercial sink.


Category: Addition of Item Type - Gas piping

Description: Added option to select gas piping for all gas fueled appliances.


Category: Addition of Item Type - Gas piping/repair

Description: Added option to select gas repair for gas fired appliances when the work does not include any gas piping work. Gas repair may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Gas valves

  • Gas meter and meter bar

  • Couplings


Category: Removal of Item Type - Emergency Eye Wash & Emergency Shower

Description: New installations of the following plumbing fixtures will no longer be allowed to be filed on an LAA:

  • Emergency Eye Wash

  • Emergency Shower


Category: Removal of Item Type - Primary water meter

Description: New installation of a primary water meter can no longer be filed on an LAA and must be filed as a PL (Plumbing) Work Type.


Category: Appliance Data Grid - optional for certain item types

Description: The appliance data grid will not be required when: selecting ‘Gas Flex’ or ‘Gas Tankless Coil’

  • Removing any gas fired appliance

  • Filing for fire suppression work


Category: Required Document Change - Borough Office Letter

Description: Borough Office Approval Letter for an additional meter will only be required in the following scenarios:

  • In residential buildings 1 or 2 family


Category: Required Document Change - Chimney Letter

Description: Chimney Letter will automatically be required in the following cases: New installation of hot water heater:

  • New installation of a Gas Hot Water Heater CAT 1 Vent (Atmospheric Vent Standard Chimney).

  • New installation of a Gas Hot Water Heater CAT 2 Vent (Atmospheric Vent Lined Chimney).

Replacement of Hot Water heater:

  • Applications for two or more hot water heaters and answers ‘no’ to “Do you have an existing job number?”


Category: Required Document Change - ElectricalPermit

Description: Question has been added to reduce when an electrical permit is required:

  • “Are you establishing permanently connected circuits or hard wire circuits?” - If ‘no’, electrical permit is not required.


Category: Required Document Change - FormOP129

Description: When filing for a secondary backflow device, Form OP129 will no longer be required ‘Prior to Permit’; it will now be required ‘Prior to Sign Off.


Category: Filing Fee for Oil Work

Description: All LAAs with a scope of work for oil work will have a flat filing fee of $130. ______________________________________________

Category: Filing Fee for 1/2/3 Family non-Residential

Description: Minimum filing fee for 1/2/3 Family building type, where building use is Commercial, Mixed Use, or Other will be $195 (with the exception of Oil Work that has a minimum flat filing fee of $130). ______________________________________________