New York City Reopens Under Phase One Guidelines

NYC is starting to reopen as of Tuesday, June 8th! Below you'll find some need-to-know information about reopening under Phase One guidelines.

Who: Phase One of reopening New York City has started! There is an estimated 400,000 people returning to work June 8th.

What: Phase One of reopening New York City includes the opening of non-essential construction sites citywide. Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an Executive Order requiring face coverings to be worn by all workers and visitors on construction sites. Unlike the State requirements, face coverings are now mandated by the Mayor on all construction projects in the City.

The Department of Buildings will be enforcing this requirement. As a reminder, for the first 30 days, violations will carry no monetary penalty.

When: Phase One starts Monday, June 8th. The start of Phase 2 is TBD and will be set at a later date.

Where: The Five Boroughs: The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Why: New York City has been the epicenter of this pandemic and took much longer to reopen then other less populated areas/cities in the US. With the numbers of positive COVID-19 cases going down in NYC, Phase One will finally be able to begin!

Quick Information:

  • Approximately 400,000 people are expected to return to work in the five boroughs when Phase One of the city's reopening begins.

  • Construction, Wholesale, Manufacturing, and other non-essential businesses will be able to reopen. All businesses must take precautionary measures and follow NYC reopening guidelines.

  • Train stations will have social distancing markers and riders must wear face coverings and follow social distancing guidelines.

  • The subway will remain closed between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. for cleaning.

  • Phase One also includes retail stores opening with curbside pickup and in-store pickup.

Important reopening highlights from the Department of Buildings:

  • The Department of Buildings will mostly follow the same requirements as New York State. There are two exceptions:

  1. There must be a capacity listing onsite for any elevators or hoists being utilized

  2. As a business, your affirmation to New York State must be with your specific COVID Health and Safety plan for that project

  • The Health and Safety plans for all employers on the project must be onsite. That includes the plans for the General Contractor/Construction Manager and all of the subcontractors

  • The Department of Buildings will be out Monday and visiting the more than 32,000 projects that will reopen Monday. It’s important to note:

  1. In the first 30 days there will be no financial penalties issued for COVID related issues. They will only be issuing DOB violations

  2. They will be looking for the plans and guidance documents as required by New York State

  3. The primary point of emphasis will be social distancing and masks when inside 6 ft.

  4. Over the past two months, every shutdown project needed to have a weekly Safety Report update submitted to the Department. That practice will stop starting Monday. Safety Managers will not need to submit the weekly report UNLESS the project will remain shut down at which point you’ll need to continue to submit the weekly update

For more information, take a look through the FAQ site that is focused on Phase One reopening.