New York COVID-19 Construction Industry Update 3/29/20

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

On Friday Governor Cuomo deemed much of the construction work to no longer be essential. Unfortunately there has been little to no guidance how to proceed.

Here is the best guidance we've received without having all the specifics:

Public Work:

  1. Public work is still public work and there's no indication that any of that will stop. The agencies and authorities, both state and local, have been issuing guidance about how to proceed.

  2. If you haven't received a directive to stop, we recommend you call your contacts and confirm that the work continues.

Private Work:

  1. The order on Friday was meant to take effect immediately. That would mean that everyone working on projects that are no longer "essential" should begin the process of shutting them down. Guidance on how to safety shut down a project, along with a checklist, can be found in a list below.

  2. The new order was very clear that construction sites should be brought to a level of keeping the project and the public safe while it's shut down. Utilize your safety professionals to help make that determination. Safety is what they do best and their work/word should drive your process.

  3. You and your team are the professionals. You'll know when the site is safe enough to sit idle while we wait out this new directive. We don't recommend that you try to push the envelope and keep working longer. The Governor was clear that fines will be levied. It's safe to assume that as the number of COVID-19 cases on construction sites increase the more action there will be to shut sites down. Don't put yourself or your company in a position of getting fined.

  4. The new directive from the Governor does allow for someone to be at the site once it's shut down. We suspect that's there so you can keep someone around for security purposes. We believe you're well within your rights to have someone on site to keep your project safe, free from the public wanting to look inside and potential thieves.

  5. If you're working on a project for an industry that is STILL deemed to be essential, work with the project owner to get clarification from state or local leaders that the project can continue. Be sure to get that clarification in writing and keep it at the job site. 

We'll provide our community with more information as we receive it.