NY Construction Update 5/27: Reopening Status

Here's a quick update on what's happening across NY state:

  • New York’s Mid-Hudson region will begin reopening 5/26

  • Long Island is slated to start reopening today 5/27 after the region’s contact tracing operation is fully up and running.

  • New York City is anticipated to open the 2nd week of June

Now that the mid-Hudson region is in phase one of reopening, low-contact industries like construction and manufacturing can cautiously restart work.

Once the city moves into the first phase of reopening, industries including construction, manufacturing, wholesale businesses, and retail with curbside pickup will be allowed to resume. In the current structure, the earliest that restaurants in New York City would be able to start reopening their dining rooms would be early or mid-July.

RESOURCE: Here is the link to the NY Forward Safety Plan Template that all businesses need to follow:


Here are some highlights from Safety Plan Template PDF::

  • Social distancing and reduced social density is required.

  • Keep people limited to one person for every 250 sq. ft of space.

  • Keep people 6 ft apart unless it creates a safety issue or the work task requires people to work closely together

  • Maintain hand hygiene & hand hygiene stations as necessary

  • Cloth facial coverings and OSHA approved PPE are required and when individuals are closer than 6 ft

  • Staff screenings are needed daily as a means of reducing COVID exposure

  • Safety plans need to be onsite and accessible

  • An onsite staff member will need to be identified to enforce your safety policy

Stay safe and continue building the future, one day at a time!