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Laber is the dedicated professional construction platform to showcase your individual skills and work, stand out in the industry, and expand your job and side-work options.

Word of Mouth Can Only Get Your Reputation So Far. 


Want to build your reputation in the construction industry?

Are you currently working but want to privately browse options for side-work?

LABER is the fastest-growing construction hiring and skill showcase resource across our industry. Our platform enables you to effectively showcase your talents and privately browse primary, or side-work construction job opportunities from local companies and contractors.  


Don't worry about being left in the cold if a stop-orders shuts your job down. Our account profiles are specially designed to help you craft the perfect construction-specific resume to effectively showcase your skills, certifications, work quality, and reputation. Then you can view and accept job opportunities anytime.  


Don’t miss out on the opportunity be a part of the future of the construction industry - regardless if you are currently working or not, LABER is an ideal way to build your reputation!

See What Job Options Are Out There With No Risk. Download Laber Now!


LABER's Benefits For

Employed Construction Personnel

An Easy To Use Mobile Platform That Enables You To See What Job Opportunities Are Out There

100% Free To Use

We are here to support and grow your career, and make sure you have options if you're not happy with your current job status. 

Increase Skills, Increase Pay

LABER is your opportunity to get more work that is going to increase your skill set and value in your construction career.  

More Qualified Work Opportunities

More job opportunities coming your way means more work, more money, and less downtime. Don't be afraid of joining if you are already working and just want to see what else is out there!

Easier Industry Entry-Point

For Tradesmen just starting their career, our platform provides an easy and transparent way to get yourself out there and get hired. 

Show Employers What You Can Do

Until now there is no platform to showcase your talents in the construction industry. LABER's profiles are customized to you, your skills, certifications, and work history.

Coming Soon!

Construction Industry News

As we build the platform, our goal is to provide you with valuable updates and information. One platform for all the information you need to stay up to date. 

Let Laber Work For You! Join Today


If You Have Not Joined LABER Yet, You Are Missing Out.

100% Free Account Set Up

Simply download the app, create your account, and specify your job matching settings in less than 5 minutes! LABER is 100% free for you.

Personalized Construction Profile

No resume needed. We help you craft the perfect virtual resume to put your best foot forward in the industry, 24/7. 

Local Work Sent Right To Your Phone

you are immediately notified on your phone when employers post relevant opportunities in your area. Then open the app to easily view the job role, location and pay. 

No Risk To Explore Opportunities

You are only visible to an employer when you accept an opportunity request. You have the power to control your career! 

Show Off Your Work Photos

The quality of your work defines your reputation. LABER’s easy photo showcase allows you to quickly upload photos of your work to prove you've got the skills.

Fast Messaging with Employers

Once you're contacted by an employer, you can easily communicate back and forth in the app via direct message or video call.

Join Thousands of Other Local Skilled Construction Workers Growing Their Reputation with LABER!


What People Say About LABER



Millwood, NY

I really don't have time to browse employment sites. I like the fact this this app does the work for me. I like to know what other companies are paying for my position in case I need to make a move.


Drywall Technician

Garden City South, NY

Good service overall. It's been helping me find more work, and really like that it's free for me.



Brooklyn, NY

When the season slows down I like using the app to find side-work. Pretty easy to use. 



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